Know about our history

Founded in 2013, Conservali Materias Primas Liofilizadas, S.A. de C.V., is an enterprise specialized in the food conservation using natural methods, supported by technology to obtain high quality ingredients and products.

The company emerged as a start-up in a business incubation program at the Business and Financial Innovation Center (CIEF) of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus and is granted capital by means of the announcements of the National Entrepreneurial Institute for the purchase of machinery and equipment.

It emerges as a solution to the problem faced by the world-wide food industry, based on natural conservation methods which aim at cost-reduction in transportation, storage and generate multiple benefits such as extending food life without chemicals and conservatives, into longer periods leaving nutrimental structure intact, while facilitating handling in the transformation to end products.

Process Benefits

Fruits and vegetables are among the preferred food products due to their unique nutrients, color, flavor and smell. Nevertheless, high humidity level, deterioration and waste are among the most common problems faced. Therefore, the food industry and governments are utilizing food conservation methods to improve safety and quality of the former.

Recently, the industry has discovered new disruptive food conservation methods that can be utilized in industrial or domestic processing, both for finished products as well as raw materials within the supply chain of cereals, pre-cooked food, snacks, etc.

THE PROCESSES we use assure:

Minimum loss of food nutrients.

Easy re-hydration of fresh products.

Lower transportation and storage costs.

Reduction of waste to maintain food supply.

1 Wholesale

We process raw materials which can be incorporated in the production of finished products, adjusting to the requirements of each customer from sliced products to natural condiments and flavorings.

2 Retail

We offer own brand finished products without chemicals nor conservatives among which are pre-cooked food, healthy snacks and drink flavorings.

Among the products we offer for WHOLESALE OR RETAIL are:






Pumpkin / Zucchini



Cherry tomato










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